Height Stick Pro For High Poles And Pilot Cars

Height Stick Pro
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  • Fits Existing High Poles

  • Measure up to 20′

  • Easy Storage

  • No Assembly

  • Maintenance Free

  • Made in the USA

Height Stick Pro For Oversize Load

On Sale, Buy Now $59.00

Load height measuring sticks are an essential tool used by pilot car and escort vehicles when working with oversize truck loads.

Our Height Stick Pro quickly attaches to our telescoping Wonder Pole® allowing truckers and escort vehicles to measure the height of the load and avoiding low bridges, trees, wires, etc. Measure he height of any load on your trailer, and any bridge or obstruction along your route.

The Height Stick Pro is easily removed and stored away inside and away from view saving space and prevent theft or damage. No tools are required, and weights under two pounds. Made in the USA.

How to Use

Step 1 Place Height Stick Pro onto your existing high pole, remove pin, flip up 42” cross arm and secure into place.

Step 2 Raise the pole to the height of the truck load, position cross arm over the load and then lower pole (Do not retract pole) to the ground.

Step 3 Using a standard tape measure, measure the height from the cross arm (see image) to the base of the high pole. Now subtract the height of your high pole mounting tube from the pole height and add 6 inches to be above the load. Remove the Height Stick Pro adapter from the high pole.


  1. Height from the ground (grade) to the top of truck is 15’

  2. High pole mount is 12” ( 1 foot) above grade.

  3. Subtract 12” from the 15’ and add 6”so height from mount to truck is 15’ 6”

High load and no high pole.
Height stick adapter for high pole
Height Stick Pro