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Copyright, Patent,Trademark and Trade Dress Information

First and foremost we enforce our copyrights, patents, and trademarks to protect our customers from being confused or deceived by others using our images or information. There are now and have been unscrupulous individuals that sell inferior products and use the images, and information of other reputable companies to deceive the public. American Flag and Banner Company, Inc. protects our customers by diligently seeking out those companies or individuals to insure that you are not a victim to their practices. The following information is to ensure you the cusumer is protected against such practices.


You should always seek the permission of the website owner, and check if they own the copyright to the item you wish to use or if they have been granted a license to use the item by the original copyright owner.

Any rights they have been granted or have purchased will be restricted to the usage on their site only; you must obtain the permission of the original rights owner yourself if you wish to copy it on your own site.

Businesses and institutions, have found themselves being issued very large bills for the use of such material on their websites without permission. In such cases, ignorance is no defense and people have been obliged to pay up.

It is important to be aware that copyright owners do not have to make any statement at all to have copyright over whole web pages, text, images, graphic art, maps, videos, music, sound recordings or any other work, including artistic, dramatic, literary or musical – anything that is created and published on the Internet is automatically under copyright to the original creator under the law, assuming it has not itself been copied.

You also cannot assume that an image you find on a website has not itself been copied illegally. For this reason, if, after contacting the website owner to obtain permission, you are not completely certain who owns the copyright on an image or other item, you should not use it.

All of images, information, text, and concepts displayed on this website are the property of American Flag and Banner Company, Inc. and cannot be copied, transmitted, stored or otherwise used for any purpose without the express written consent from American Flag and Banner Company, Inc. Consent does not convey a lease, ownership, or transfer of ownership, and any permissions are revocable by American Flag and Banner Company, Inc.  without written notice.