Height Pole vs High Pole?

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Height stick adapter for high pole

Height Pole Facts and Tips

Why pay $150.00 or more, lug around another pole, and then have to worry where to store it?


Get the Wonder Pole® Height Stick

Our new height stick adapter fits most high poles, uses a standard tape measure and is fast and accurate. For only $59.00 you can get the correct height every time, and it you can put inside your car or truck.

The difference is in the way they are used. The Height Pole is used to determine the height of an object, top of truck load, wires crossing roads, bridges, etc. The pilot car High Pole is used with a lead vehicle in front of a truck or other vehicle transporting a “high load” from one location to another.

The are numerous height poles on the market. If you purchase a height pole be sure it is calibrated and marked correctly. Check it for accuracy with a tape measure before putting the height pole into use. Do not rely on the seller to do this unless they have a seal from the Weights and Measures Division.

Ask the seller what is the retracted size of the height pole. You want to make sure you can store the pole in a safe and convenient place when not in use.

If you have one of our High Poles you can use our Height Stick Adapter to determine the height of the truck load. It is designed to fit atop the high pole and has a 46″ arm that swings over the truck load. Attach a standard tape measure to the swing over arm, raise the pole to the top of the load and take the measurement.