How To Buy A Windsock

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The following will help you choose the right windsock model and color. Windsock replacements will fit any model, just choose the color or design you prefer.

Existing Windsock

If you have an existing windsock pole you only need to purchase the Wind Tracker Windsock set. It will fit your existing pole.

Is This A New Windsock Installation

You need a windsock and windsock pole. Will you be installing it on a building, structure, in the ground or is it for potable use.

Atop Structures and Railings

Choose the Wind Tracker 416 model it is ideal for this purpose. We have side mounts and flat roof mounts available that fit this telescoping pole.

In-Ground – Fences – Supports – Portable

The Wind Tracker Windsock 621 is the choice. A 20′ telescoping fiberglass pole with the complete windsock set.

Field Use, Agriculture, Etc.

The Wind Tracker Windsock 310 is just under 48″ and telescopes up to 10′, and with the optional carry bag makes it the perfect choice for taking into the field for a variety of uses.