How to use Striker Alert tips

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Striker alert tip
High Pole Striker Alert

How to use the new Striker Alert Tip with your High Pole

The high pole Striker Alert Tip is designed to be used without the need of any tools. The Striker Alert is heat treated at one end to produce a measured bend at one end of the Striker. Insert the angled end (at least 12 inches ) into the top ¾ inch section or the Wonder Pole® High Pole  621Pro.

You can adjust the rigidity or flex of the Striker tip by how much of the high pole Striker tip is extended. Once you have the desired fit length slide the orange marker to the pole section for future reference. The exposed end of the Striker tip has a six inch orange marker cap which is helpful to mark the minimum clearance above the truck load.

You can purchase additional Striker Tips at our High Pole store. Each set come with six Striker Tips and ship same day or next business day.