How to use Striker Alert tips

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High Pole Striker Alert set
42" Striker Alert

The Striker is constructed of high quality Lexan, which has a very high impact strength, and that is why they use it in bullet proof windshields and planes. It may feel flimsy but that is because while it has high impact strength it can flex but not break as the old solid fiberglass rods do. Solid fiberglass rods can shatter, split, and break off onto the roadway.

The Striker upon impacting an obstacle is designed to bend back almost 90 degrees before folding over before breaking off. The angled end of the Striker is designed to hold the Striker in the High Pole by exerting pressure against the inside side wall of the high pole. You can adjust the rigidity of the Striker by inserting more or less of the Striker into the top section of the high pole.

Always observe the speed limit, set your high pole at the proper height, and reduce your speed when encountering any obstacle. The Striker is designed to bring awareness to the pilot car driver that the higher load following is in danger of contacting the obstruction. It is not designed to impact obstacles at high speeds and survive. Remember, something has to give, the obstacle (Perhaps a bridge) or the Striker.