High Pole Striker Set

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High Pole Striker Mount + 6 Striker Rods

  • Fits all standard high poles
  • Strong light weight design
  • Easy use, no compression fittings
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High Pole Striker and 6 Solid Fiberglass Striker Rods

The High Pole Striker Set allows you to attach fiberglass striker rods to the top mast of your high pole. Just slip the 3/4″ open end over and onto your high pole and fasten using the lower two set screws (Be sure no to over-tighten) using the supplied hex wrench. Now the fiberglass Striker™ rod with a 6″ height marking can be inserted in to the Striker™ and set to the height desired using the upper two set screw. You can adjust the flex of the rod by sliding it in for more rigidity or extended out for additional flex.

The Striker Rod Adapter designed for High Poles.  It slips over and onto the top mast of the High Pole. It is secured in place using the set screws located at the side of the adapter. Use the socket wrench supplied with your adapter to tighten the screws against the high pole fiberglass pole section. BE SURE NOT TO OVER-TIGHTEN THE SET SCREWS AND DAMAGE THE POLE SECTION.

Insert a fiberglass rod into the top of the adapter and secure it with the set screw is the same way you secured the Striker Adapter. The fiberglass Striker Rods can be purchased at our online store.

Made by Wonder Pole for the pilot car industry. Trust Wonder Pole® to continue to improve and introduce high pole products to serve the high load escort industry.

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