Wind Tracker Pivotal Harness System

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New DV800 Directional Vane Included

  • DV800 Directional Vane
  • Pivotal Harness
  • Harness Cords
  • Flip-Over Rod & Clips
  • 4 Pocket Wind Speed Cards
  • 4 Badge Wind Speed Guides
  • 8″ x 11″ Wind Speed Wall Chart

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Wind Tracker Pivotal Harness System

The new 9003 has the same great dependability and toughness as before but now come with some impressive new improvements to the design and function.

Allows for tangle free rotation of the windsock around the windsock pole.

Increase windsock longevity, and animates the wind. No expensive hoops or wire cages to buy or maintain. Unlike other obsolete systems the Wind Tracker 9003 will not rust or corrode because there are no metal parts. Now you can see the wind at any speed.

High impact Lexan® construction. The DV800 rotates 360 degrees at any wind speed. The Wind Tracker windsock is attached to the DV800 using the pivotal harness plate with two 1000 pound test braided polyester cords. Included with Edge Glow,  “flip-over” rod and clips, four pocket wind speed cards, Lexan® crossbar, and harness cords. Proudly made in the USA!

The wind speed pocket charts and Z fold badge guides can be used by field personnel for approximating wind speeds.

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Weight 1.0 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 8 × 2 in


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