giantflag_000We are a small business that adopted a very simple business model. Make something that works, and make it simple. We also believe that American workers and American ingenuity are inherent in our countries makeup because we are a country of people from around the world with great ideas. More than that we are a country of individual freedom and individual freedom promotes individual aspirations fostering great ideas and products.

Think about it, when a people are free they are free to pursue their dreams, and that pursuit fosters new ideas and products.

How is it made?

Every product and every accessory is made in America and made to work and fit together. We do not buy in accessories or fittings and adapt them to fit. We make the majority of the units, and we have the remainder made to our exact specifications. Many if not most of our products are made in the local area and we none of them are from off shore. This ensures that we have complete control of the quality, and the supply chain. And that means you can count on us and the product being there tomorrow. We are proactive when it comes to improving the overall performance and quality of our windsock and evacuation product line. We are always happy to have any input from our customers about how we can make the product better.


Made in the USA, this new patented windsock design sets up in seconds with no special tools required. There are no expensive frames, hoops or grommets, and metal parts are eliminated so rust and conductivity are not a problem. It comes assembled and ready to use.


When you need it, you need it. You no longer have to worry which windsock fits which model. Finding a supplier who still carries the old style windsock flags is a thing of the past. Every Wind Tracker replacement fits any model. One size fits all. Every one is constructed of the finest outdoor nylon, and hand sewn right in our location.

One solution, works in any area:

The industry standard Wind Tracker 416Pro for in ground or atop structures, the Polemate134 if you have an existing windsock pole, or our portable unit the Wind Tracker 621.

Field tested OSHA approved colors, and custom commercial windsocks.

We stock for immediate delivery a wide range of colors and designs. Choose from our from “Alert Orange™” Safety Black and Yellow, The Freedom™ stars and stripes, red, green, Sunburst Yellow™, and royal blue. Sewn by us using only Gortex Tenera® thread, the strongest in the industry.

Custom printed windsocks with your special design or logo is no problem. From one to hundreds we can print, sew, and deliver.

Visibility up to 1/4 mile away.

Windsock visibility is of the upmost impotence. Too often the windsock is placed at the highest point thinking if everyone can see it that is the best place. Visibility is imp or tent but accuracy is even more imp or tent. The windsock movement atop a tall structure where wind is not obstructed can be very misleading to personal on the ground or exiting a building.

We recommend close-to-ground placement where the actual travel lane of workers takes place. The Wind Tracker 416Pro is the ideal choice. The action of the Wind Tracker Windsock System™ animates the wind making it highly visible. Where additional height is required use two or more Wind Tracker Windsock Systems. We also have mounting accessories for the tops and sides of buildings.

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