Product Summary

The following outline gives you a quick snap shot of each product we make and it’s benefits. American Flag and Banner Company, Inc. has been in business for 27 years and one of the oldest companies on the web. Because we make our Wonder Poles®, Storm Tough® Windsocks, Flags, Banners, and other Accessories, we stock and support each and every one of them. We’re here after the sale!

High Poles

The high pole 621 and 630 Pro are to designed to maintain a safe distance any overhead obstructions. It is the most popular height pole in the escort car industry. Used by more trucking companies, escort services, and others specialty transports than any other high pole made. Backed by the Wonder Pole name, and our great customer support.


The Wind Tracker windsock system can detect winds below 1 mile per hour! This windsock represents the highest level of safety ever realized before. Thousands are being used in the oil & gas industry, chemical plants, water treatment sites, and hundreds of other industries where detection of the wind is critical to worker safety. Schools and other adjacent areas concerned with “Chemical Trespass” 

Camera Poles

The Camera Pole telescopes from 59″ to 21′ instantly and can be used with most cameras on the market today. We also have a 30′ model for home inspections and realtors. Now you can get great images without the lugging around heavy equipment, buying expensive drones, or hiring video companies. Great for sports, action shots and much more. Get great pictures with elevated photography. 

Telescoping Poles

The Wonder Pole® telescoping pole is the go to extension pole for a variety of uses.  Made of strong composite fiberglass it has the strength of metal poles without the weight and safety concerns. It is FR rated, comes in two colors and ranges in extended heights from 10 feet to 30′. One great pole for a thousand uses.

Attention Flags

Our Attention Flags are set apart from anything you have seen. Vibrant colors, exciting action and movement gets you the attention you deserve. From our Wind Dancers, Bow Flags, Feather Flags, and Message Flags you can find the right one for the right occasion.


The Tailgate Pro flagpole is our flagship model. Designed and build for portability, strength, and longevity. Many of our poles have been in use for over 10 years or more. You can fly multiple flags, windsocks, and streamers with confidence. The fiberglass construction is safer than metal poles and will not rust , chip or peel. We also have sectional and one piece flagpoles for commercial and residential use.

American Flags

We offer the finest variety of American Flags for your home or business. Our Storm Tough® construction and Lock Stitch™ construction ensures a longer wear and flag display when used in harsher weather conditions. We carry most sizes in stock ready to ship. We can supply indoor flags for corporate, political, and association meeting rooms. Flag sets for indoor display are available with or without poles and bases.

State Flags

50 State Flags are in stock. We offer a variety of  sizes for flagpole and or banner display. Indoor flag sets with American and State flags are available as a set or sold individually.

At American Flag and Banner Company, Inc. it's not "buyer beware". It's "making the buyer aware". Giving you the product information, and knowledge you need to make the best buying decision. Not sure? Contact us, and we will help you with our 30 years of experience in the flag, windsock, flagpole, and banner industry.