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High Poles

High Poles
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Camera Pole

Camera Pole
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Airport and Evacuation Windsocks

Detects wind speed below 1 Mile Per Hour! This is the new standard in safety windsocks. Replaces the old style windsock for a safer solution. Eliminates expensive frames, hoops, ball bearings, or metal parts are eliminated. Wind Tracker Windsocks are maintenance free and field test with OSHA approved colors.

Telescoping Fiberglass Extension Poles

Various models from 48″ retracted to extended heights up to 40′. Storm Tough® Construction, and maintenance free fiberglass. Stock colors, White, Yellow, and Black. We make and stock thousands of Wonder Poles®, and most orders ship the same cay or next business day.

High Pole For Oversize Trucks & Pilot Car Services

High Pole by Wonder Pole® 59″ up to 24′ instantly. Two great models, two colors to choose from. One great price for the complete high pole set. Strong fiberglass construction, replaceable parts, accessories and more. Ships the same day or next business day. New features that set it apart from the “put together” models. Made in the USA!

Telescoping Camera Pole

Camera Pole Storm Tough® Strong, composite fiberglass that meets or exceeds ASTM standards with high energy UV protection, and E84 fire retardant. Retracts to 59″, extends to 21′ instantly. Weighs under 10 pounds, fiberglass construction, set to any height, and is maintenance free. Because it closes to only 59 inches you can put in the car for easy transportation. Complete with camera adapter.

American & State Flags

Storm Tough® US and State Flags for 24 hour, 365 day a week display outdoors. We offer the finest flags made with our exclusive guarantee. We ship most flags the same day or next business day freight free! We also stock POW and Message flags.

Advertising Flags

Feather Flags flutter in the slightest breeze. Action packed, Gem Bright™ colors, durable outdoor fabrics, and available with our fiberglass telescoping Wonder Pole®. Made In the USA! Choose your favorite colors. Wind Dancer pennants fly aloft with the slightest breeze on our telescoping fiberglass Wonder Pole®. Graceful and patriotic the Wind Dancers™ parade an eye catching and inspiring display of color.


Accessories are available for all of our products and are made by us to fit and work correctly. From flagpole stands to rotational flag attachments and more. Over 25 years of manufacturing assures our customers that we are here after the sale. We offer product knowledge, support, solutions, quality, and reliability.

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Our new extension pole design includes a host of features that set it apart from the ‘put together’ models. Some metal poles come in sections that require you to slip one end inside another and than stand it up. This takes time for assembly, and take down not to mention the assembly part. These types of poles may have swigged ends, screw together fittings, or pin in place assembly.

The extension pole by Wonder Pole is telescopic to any height within the range it is designed for. It is lightweight, portable, and maintenance free. The pole comes in many different models that can retract to 48″ with some extending up to 30′.