The Only Reliable Evacuation Windsock System

This Windsock Determines Wind Direction Instantly!

Sensitive To Air Movements Below 1 MPH

Windsock and telescoping fiberglass pole


The Wind Tracker™

The only windsock system that can detect low and high wind direction, speed, and wind shear!

Essential to safety plans in the chemical industry, agriculture, government, municipality, schools, sports, and more.
Now comes with the DV800 Directional Vane.

Wind Tracker Windsock System only $89.00

Windsock speed and directional pocket chart

Wind Tracker Windsock System

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Windsock outlast all the others.

Wind Tracker windsock construction compared to ordinary airport windsocks.

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Great Products and Service!!

I work for a chemical warehouse in Arizona, and it is very important that if we had an emergency, we could quickly identify the wind direction during an evacuation. These wind flags work exactly as advertised. …

Posted by Carri Y. on 19th Oct 2013

Best windsock ever 

These are the best windsocks we have ever had.
Living in a lower wind area

Posted by Dustin on 13th Dec 2016

Good For Low Wind Situations

We are using this in a sour field (H2S) and it is crucial part of keeping our folks safe when there are low wind conditions. They work very well and provide the wind direction information we need in those situations.

Posted by Unknown on 29th Apr 2015

best yet

we have been using these here at the tanker base for a few years. we have found them to be very effective in the wind. It takes so little wined that it is a great tool at the opposite end of the tanker base for pilots and parking tenders to use.

Posted by Robert Meade on 6th May 2014

Windsock Applications

Agriculture & Farm Operations
Emergency Evacuations
Construction Safety
Hazardous Materials
Pipeline Companies
Ammonia Storage
Chlorine Storage
Grain Elevators
Golf Courses
School Safety
Recreational facilities

Waste Water Treatment Plants
Cold Storage Facilities
Unmanned Aircraft
Waste sites
Hang gliding
Oil fields
Painting at ship yards
Large profiles carried by workers
Tear gas release in correctional institutions
Bomb disposal sites.
Jump teams ground wind system
Hot air Balloonist & chase teams

Portable Windsock / Transportation
Power Plants
Agricultural for drift prevention
Small airports
Field burning
Portable units for Red Cross & other organizations
Marker flag for areas of student assembly
Airport Windsocks
Nuclear power plants
Disc Golf

Windsock wind speed chart shows field observer wind speed.

New windsock detects  wind direction instantly!

Low Wind Detection – Field Tested

  • Fits existing windsock poles
  • Animates wind variables, shear, and directional changes.
  • Increases worker safety.
  • Storm Tough® construction.
  • Made In The USA.

Toll Free: 1-800-707-3524

You’re more exposed than you think

Windsock problems.

Tube Windsocks – Evacuation Liability

Ordinary Airport Windsock Construction.

Ordinary airport windsocks are not reliable in most field applications except for small aircraft landings. Ordinary windsocks cannot accurately indicate wind direction & speed because a volume of air in combination with sufficient wind speed must be realized before the open ended tube is filled and lifted. At that point, the air volume, and wind force in the tube is in direct conflict with any wind directional changes and acting against the sides of the tube. This deficiency in design limits its accuracy and ability to immediately respond to directional changes in the wind at lower speeds. This makes the ordinary airport windsock unsuitable for detection of low wind movement of hazardous airborne materials.


Windsock outlast all the others.

Compare Wind Tracker to ordinary windsocks.

How It’s Made

The Wind Tracker™ is industry standard 24″ x 60″ long, fully dyed, and reinforced at the fly end with Lock Guard™ stitching and the fly end is sewn with four rows or Gore Tenera® thread. The windsock design allows graceful movement, which animates the wind. The dynamic design & international colors representing caution and safety are understandable to all persons. If you want a long wearing windsock that can detect low and high winds, the Wind Tracker™ is the smart choice.

An Ordinary windsock cannot detect winds below 10 mile per hour and does not illustrate wind speed. Only the Wind Tracker™ Windsock can do both.

A better windsock system for a better price, call toll free 1-800-707-3524

Wind Tracker Windsock works under all field conditions.How It Works

The Wind Tracker Wind System is designed to work in partnership with our patented pivotal harness system. It animates the wind. As air currents move along the flag it rises & falls with side-to-side movement as the wind changes directions. When the flag attempts to “dive off”, it is pulled back into the winds force by the harness cords. This patented harness and its ability to keep the flag in position allows it to animate the wind at any speed, and at all times.

wind097Windsock History

Ordinary aviation windsocks still use antiquated designs. The windsock design, or use, is not notably recorded prior to the late 1800’s. It appears the sock was adapted from the “Wind-Sail” a wide tube or funnel of canvas used to convey a stream of air into the lower compartments of a ship (Noah Webster Dictionary 1828). The windsocks final fundamental use and design was later developed for use with small aircraft.

*** Please Read ***

Old style windsock design flaw in evacuation situations.

…if a feasible design alternative could have prevented an accident, your product is at fault. In any design decision that may affect the safety of your product, it’s important to compare the benefits of that design solution—like cost savings or speed or ease of manufacturing—with the risk of harm to customers your decision may entail.

Article Source: Harvard Business Review


Failure To Warn:

Manufacturers, distributors, and sellers may be held liable when they fail to give appropriate warnings, and a consumer suffers an injury. A failure to warn is considered a marketing defect in a product liability case.

Manufacturers must warn of hidden dangers in a product and how to use the product to avoid dangers and use it in a safe manner.

Defendants cannot defend on the grounds that they were unaware of the risk, if the risk was foreseeable or discoverable by conducting research, testing, and investigation. Defendants must stay knowledgeable about their products. When new information comes to light, defendants must warn consumers that have already purchased the product. In some cases, a product recall is appropriate.


The Wind Tracker™ Windsock replaces the old style airport windsock mentioned above with a dynamic system that can detect wind movement below 1 mile per hour. Detection of low wind movement is an essential factor in field safety and evacuations.

Why Buy A Wind Tracker Windsock System

This new Wind Tracker windsock design eliminates the need for cumbersome metal frames, and hoops necessary to keep old style aviation windsocks open. The Wind Tracker attaches to your existing pole with no special tools required. It only takes a few minutes to change out your old windsock for the Wind Tracker Windsock System. No hoops or metal brackets to adjust or fit to the flag.

We have standardized the windsock size which allows for the best wind detection possible at any velocity. Every Wind Tracker windsock attaches to the windsock pole in the same way. Ordering replacements is a simple process. You can order with confidence knowing that you will always fly the correct size and industry standard.

Do You Need A Windsock Pole?

If you do not have a pole and need a windsock mast we have several models to choose from. We manufacture the finest telescoping fiberglass windsock poles in the world. They range in size from 10′ to 21′ high. If you need a windsock pole for structures, vehicles, portable use or hand carry, we have the model in stock.

Our Windsock  Poles range in price from $59.00 to $139.00, the lowest in the industry. We also make custom windsocks using your design or image. Call us for pricing, and quantity discounts.

More Information

Gem Bright™ colors provide for immediate attention and excellent visibility. Internationally recognized color crosses all language barriers providing uniform notification to employees and personnel regardless of national origin. For the same reason police, fire departments, and industry use distinct colors to warn persons, the colors in our design are immediately visible and instantly recognized.

The 2.5 to 1 ratio of length to width and special material used to construct the flag allows the wind to travel along the upper and lower surface animating the wind. For the first time you can actually “see” the wind movement, direction, and speed.

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