A 3 MPH wind means a toxic gas can travel 264 feet in 1 minute!
Ordinary windsocks cannot detect low wind movement

 Wind Tracker™ Windsock System The New Industry Safety Standard

Wind Range 1 – 70 mph – Field Tested – Long Wearing

Wind Tracker Windsock System at the Olympics

Wind Tracker Windsocks

Used at Olympic trials to detect low wind and shear

Don’t take our word for it see what our customers are saying.

The best wind indicator there is, nothing comes close to this wind flag, I will always get this product from now on .

Good For Low Wind Situations 
We are using this in a sour field (H2S) and it is crucial part of keeping our folks safe when there are low wind conditions. They work very well and provide the wind direction information we need in those situations.

Great product – exactly what we needed 
Was unsure of product size or how we would like the flag vs. sock version. But this is exactly what we needed, we can see it from all points of the property.

Windsock Products

Proudly manufactured in the USA and meets the criteria for the Buy American Requirement under Section 1605 of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009.

  • Windsock pivotal harness system

    Wind Tracker Pivotal Harness System

    Sale! $55.00 $47.50
    • Storm Tough® construction
    • Tangle Free Rotation
    • Direction Vane DV800
    • Edge Glow™ increases visibility
    • No tools required
    • No metal parts to wear or rust
    • Made in the USA!

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  • Windsock set by Wind Tracker

    Wind Tracker Windsock Set

    Sale! $105.00 $89.00
    • Strong, Industrial Strength.
    • Wind Sensitive windsocks
    • No Metal Parts!
    • No Tools Required.
    • Fits Existing Poles.
    • Accurate below 1 MPH
    • In Stock, Immediate Shipping.
    • Made In The USA!
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  • Wind Tracker windsock system at Olympics

    Wind Tracker and 10′ Windsock Pole

    Sale! $169.00 $148.00
    • Telescoping 10' Fiberglass Pole
    • FR rated and non-conductive
    • Accurate below 1 mile per hour
    • Field tested for safety
    • Storm Tough® construction
    • No tools required
    • Made in the USA
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  • Wind Tracker windsock and windsock pole

    Wind Tracker and 16′ Windsock Pole

    Sale! $189.00 $168.00
    Wind Tracker™ and 16' Windsock Pole
    • 59″ closed, opens up to 15' feet
    • Non=tangle harness system
    • DV800 Directional Vane
    • New  with Edge Glow
    • OSHA compliant colors
    • Pocket wind guides
    • 8 x 11″ wind guide
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  • Wind Tracker Windsock and windsock pole system

    Wind Tracker and 20′ Windsock Pole

    Sale! $249.00 $228.00
    • 59″ closed, opens up to 20′ feet
    • Non=tangle harness system
    • DV800 Directional Vane
    • New  with Edge Glow
    • OSHA compliant colors
    • Pocket wind guides
    • 8 x 11″ wind guide
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  • Windsock replacement colors

    Wind Tracker Windsock Replacements

    Sale! $78.00$422.40
    Quantity Discounts
    • Exceeds OSHA standards
    • Storm Tough® construction
    • DuPont® 200 denier fabric
    • Lock Guard™ sewing
    • Pocket & wall wind charts.
    • Gore® Tenara® patented thread
    • Field tested
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  • Roof Mount

    Flat Mount For 1.5″ Poles

    Sale! $69.00 $59.00
    • All steel construction
    • Riser protective insert.
    • Powder coated black
    • 4 - 1/2" Mounting holes
    • Secures pole to flat surface
    • Made in the USA!
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  • Pole mounting bracket

    Side Mount

    Sale! $69.00 $59.00
    • For 1 1/2"  OD Poles
    • 6" square mounting plate.
    • 4 - 1/2" bolt holes
    • Bottom drain hole
    • Steel construction
    • Powder coated black
    • Made in the USA
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