Flagpoles with multiple flags

Telescoping flagpoles for sports, recreational use, and general flag flying.Telescoping fiberglass flagpoles by Wonder Pole.

Safety: Unlike aluminum poles our telescoping fiberglass flagpole is safer in storms and does not act like a lightning rod.

Strength: Wonder Pole®uses our own exclusive process making them super strong. You can fly multiple flags, large flags, and custom banners on our flagpoles but don’t try it on aluminum flagpoles.

Versatility: Our telescoping Wonder Poles ® are ideal for travel to the game, outdoor events, and other venues near or far. Because we use the “Sure Lock Grips” our poles can be opened at any height. We have models that extend to 10′, 15′, 20′, and 30′.

Maintenance free: Wonder Poles® will not oxidize or rust, super strength for multiple flags or giant banners, jam proof, ultra violet inhibitors added, and a stylish look make this the best tailgate flagpole on the market today.